Professional Music Services
20 years of Producing, Composing & Arranging in Nashville, TN

Hinchey Music producing, composing, arranging, orchestrating, consulting, and music notation services
The services listed below are all job descriptions used in the music industry to specify different stages of getting a project for an idea to a musical deliverable. Most often, I take on a combination of these roles, whether in collaboration with others, or as music producer where I oversee the entire project.

  • Composing
  • Arranging
  • Orchestrating
  • Transcription
  • Sound design
  • Music preparation
  • Music project management
  • Show creation consulting
  • Show content consulting
  • Music preparation
  • Score editing
  • Proof reading
  • Music library management
  • Sibelius consulting
  • Notation file transfer
  • Recording, editing & mixing
  • Musician contracting
  • Vocalist contracting

The project can be as simple as a client providing me with an MP3 of a song, which I listen to and then notate for purposes of live performance. More commonly, I custom-fit music to be performed by a specific ensemble; this could be any combination and number of instrumentalists and vocalists, at a specific skill level — ranging from middle school groups to top level professionals. The goal is for the printed or recorded music I provide to translate the client’s vision into the perfect musical performance for their specific needs.

How to proceed: The best way to begin a project is to send an email to me through my contact page describing your project. We can then begin the discussion of what you need as deliverables. This will be either notated charts (musical scores and parts) or audio files of fully produced music tracks or both. From this information we can establish a timeframe and budget.