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My name is John Hinchey. I am a Producer, Composer and Arranger and expert in digital notation software. I have produced, written, and/or arranged thousands of professional charts and shows for musicians, singers, songwriters, cruise lines, theme parks, high schools, colleges, you name it. I also provide tutoring on the Sibelius notation software and help musicians adapt to the changing needs of the digital world as it applies to music.

My Approach

Good arranging speaks to the project as a whole.

Martina McBride with her horn section
John Hinchey on trombone, performing with Martina McBride

When a client is seeking out an arranger or music producer it is almost always the case that the music is not an end unto itself, but is part of a larger picture.

For example, it is the music track for a production show which features singers, dancers, set pieces, video support, lighting, costumes and more. The music partners with all of these elements in creating a dynamic final product. The music is a vital component, but in the end, a component none-the-less that must function within a structure and support the the production as a whole.
Cast of Sapori d'Italia, Costa Cruise Lines
The cast of "Sapori d'Italia" on board the Costa Diadema. The Diadema is Costa Cruise Lines' newest and largest ship and features 3 new shows with music produced by Hinchey Music Services.

The arrangement’s most important function is to support the singer(s) so he or she can be free to perform freely and to the top of their form.

If the arrangement is to be performed live, whether it’s for a high school show choir or a professional singer performing live with a seven piece band, or perhaps a symphony orchestra, the main objective is the same.

Elements such as tempo, key, form and the level of proficiency of the ensemble must be taken into consideration. Has the arrangement been thought out and notated so that it “plays itself?” In other words, will the musicians be able to read and navigate the arrangement without having to take up valuable rehearsal time with procedural questions? If so, the rehearsal can be fully focused on more artistic aspects of the performance.

My primary focus as music producer and arranger is always making sure the music supports and enhances the project.

I accomplish this by providing the musicians and singers with carefully crafted arrangements and charts that allow them to perform their job to the best of their abilities, and providing the rest of the production team with a music track that supports them in their part of the overall picture.


Although my main work is on producing and arranging, I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge about music notation. In addition to my own blog, Notes On Notes, I also write for The AVID Blog about using the Sibelius software and best practices in music notation. But I also spend a significant part of my time providing training to other musicians who may be either just beginning to dig into the software or who are looking to expand their own knowledge.

If you want to educate an audience about music notation, I would love to speak to you.


Most of my work is in the commercial sector, but I do take on clients in Education too. In particular I specialize in commercial music (studio and touring), corporate entertainment, and production shows. But I also help high schools and colleges. Whether you work for a cruise line, are in charge of a production company, run a studio, or work as a singer/songwriter, I can help.

Just some of the artists & organizations I have worked with recently: